My Friend Julie

Rock The Bells Concert 2008

You guys, meet my friend Julie. More affectionately known as Julio (so named by me because we both speak Spanish – see what I did there? – I know, I'm clever). You've definitely heard me speak about her before, but I just wanted to take a moment and tell you guys a little more.

Julie  Heads!

My friend Julie is quite possibly the nicest human being on Earth. She is full of wisdom far beyond her youth, profound compassion & a smile so magical that people are literally drawn to her. She is a people magnet if such a thing ever existed.

My friend Julie is the kind of person who sends thank you cards that make you cry, never forgets a birthday or a special event, gives you hugs & says exactly what you need to hear even if you didn't want to hear it.

My friend Julie speaks with intention, something she's taught me to (try) to do. She gives of herself and then gives some more & she does it with a smile – now that I'm writing this, I'm thinking she might not even be human :)

I am ever thankful for that one night that the universe crossed our paths and I said to myself – that girl is going to be my friend and it actually happened, because this friendship has helped me in ways too innumerable to even try to write about.

So, that's my friend Julie. She's awesome. I love her.