Big, Fat, Gigantic Update

I could wax on and on about how I intended to update this blog – but you really don't care about that, do you? You just want me to update the damn thing so that you have something to read while you're sitting at work, right? Right.

So, here's what I've been doing with my life in the almost two weeks since I updated.

The Vegan For Lent Thing

Long story made incredibly short, I had to give it up. Not because it was "hard" or because I missed cheese and eggs (I did), but under the advice of my doctor after I got sick on a separate issue and found out that I am woefully anemic. And yes, before you tell me that you can get iron in vegetables – MY DOCTOR advised me to eat as much iron-rich food as I could INCLUDING meat. I still have some recipes to share with you, and hopefully I'll do that in the coming days.


Everything Else

In the time that I wasn't writing here, I managed to start a "fashion" blog with my friend Steffy called 834 (the number of miles between us). The fashion is in quotations because it's simply not that deep. I love clothes, I love fashion, I love getting dressed but I know that I am not reinventing the wheel. The blog still has it's sea legs, but hopefully it will continue to grow and be great.

I spent the weekend in Richmond, VA with my friend whose husband was being treated at the Veteran's Hospital there. I could write an entire post about what a sad place it is, but let's just leave it at that. While I wish it were different and we didn't have to be there to sit at his bedside for illness, it's always good to see my friend & my goddaughter and we managed to squeeze in some good quality time together. It's amazing how love can buoy you.

Me & my goddaughter

My goddaughter is 12 and full of tween-ness. She's also fantastic & I could not possibly love her more even when her 12 year-old self is acting like 12 year-old's act (read: like jerks) – she is one of my life's lights.

ALSO, I got a tattoo. A tattoo I love and am so glad that I waited to get. I'd always said I wanted the infinity symbol – a reminder that life keeps going no matter what. And after doing a bit of research, it was tweaked to be an infinity symbol with one of the loops being a heart. I love it because the heart breaks the continuity – a reminder that life has speed bumps. SO DEEP…or something. It was done at Red Dragon Tattoo Studio (Richmond, Va – Hull St location) by Matthew – who could not have made my experience better. Everyone there was awesome, so if you're in the 'hood – stop in.

I wish I'd gotten out my ipod and videoed the whole thing for you since it went so quick – but there is a short clip and a few photos here.

And FIN!