*I’m going through and backdating some of my favorite things I’ve written. So, if this seems familiar – it’s old :)

Bashert is a Yiddish word that means destiny or the notion of a person’s soulmate, considered as predestined or ideal. I know it's mawkish, but if bashert is in fact a real thing (and let's pretend that it is because it's so sweet), my husband is mine.

Because I was away with my friend at her husband's hospital bedside – I spent my 8th wedding anniversary away from my husband. I decided to not include any of this in the big, fat, gigantic update because my husband deserves an entry of his own. Even if only because he's put up with me for this long.

Getting InDSCF0490

I don't ever want anyone to think that I'm smug about my marriage – I am not. We have stumbled, sometimes fallen – but we're in this for ourselves and for one another. I fully recognize the tenuity that is all relationships, and specifically one where two people have to co-exist daily. Marriage is a tightrope walk – it is wobbly and precarious, but just like a professional tightrope walker in action – it can be awe-inspiring and beautiful. Mostly – it's somewhere in the middle.

I love my husband in a way that I never, ever thought I could love another somebody. This is surely dumb luck, the grace of God, & the work of a million little Cupids – I don't really know how else to explain it.

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