The Opening And Closing Of Doors

At the risk of sounding all Velveeta cheesy – I kind of love my life. Even when things feel bad, it's still pretty good. If I have learned nothing else in my 32 years, it is a bit of perspective.

A friend offhandedly said to me last week that I was "…really cleaning house." in reference to my friends. I tried not to register shock or surprise but it did kind of sting and blindside me. I'm not shutting people out of my life in some overt way, but due to a series of events (unfortunate or fortunate depending on when you ask me) – my life has shifted. There's no need for sad trombones, life happens.

I love my friends. I tell you that all the time. My friends – they are a mighty force to be reckoned with, and each one of them is special to me in ways that the others are not. I'd like to think I have the ultimate diversified portfolio of friends, if you will. But, I have a friend who's been "a girl I used to be friends with." who I am hoping will become (again) just a friend.

So, taking this back to perspective – just when you think you're all settled – BOOM! Something else moseys along and you're thinking – I never expected that to happen, but I'm glad that it did. I'm not intentionally trying to be cryptic but I feel like I need to proceed with caution because the last time I talked about this particular relationship, someone lit a stick of dynamite and hurled it at it, and it exploded in spectacular fashion. Lesson learned.

So, to my friends – both virtual and real world (there has GOT to be a better way to distinguish these, no?), thanks for being my friend. If your friends are truly a reflection of who you are – I'm fucking awesome.