Rambling (wo)Man!

Being off from work meant that my ability to do fun things was limited by my lack of funds. But being BACK at work means – well, it means that I'm at work. I am always thankful to have a job, but those 2 weeks off? I enjoyed them, can't even lie.

I've been trying to get myself motivated again to cook. I suppose that's maybe a stretch because I never stopped cooking, but I've gotten a bit lazy about it. But I did say that I wanted to be better about using my cookbooks and I've been doing that, so imagine that I am giving you a high-five. Thanks for the encouragement ;) And since I'm always looking for inspiration, I would be wrong not to tell you that you need to cook these teriyaki chicken thighs (dark meat!) and this Indian spiced chickpeas & kale (to which I added some diced carrots and a tablespoon of heavy cream at the end). Both were so easy, they barely qualify as cooking, but the flavor payoff was big.

Lately, I've been wearing my glasses because I like to wait until the last possible minute to reorder my contacts but apparently the vision in my right eye is so poor that my contacts must be specially made which means that it will take about a month total for them to arrive. I need more carrots! Thankfully, after much whining on my part, my doctor agreed that she could give me something that was PRETTY close in the meantime so that I can stop squinting. My squinting face? It's bad. And my glasses? They are probably 7 years old and they're too big for my face (since weight-loss) and I'm going to replace them too, but (of course) that will take 2 to 3 weeks as well because I have to have my lenses made my magic elves.

I am so excited about the prospect of winter being over. I'm saying that when it snowed (very lightly) yesterday, but still – I think spring is actually coming and I could not be more excited. I'm hoping to squeeze in some traveling (hi, Em!) and it will be so nice when it's not dark at like 4 o'clock. Viva spring!

I think that bring this gigantic ramble to a close. Thanks for reading.