Matters Of The Heart

So, I really had planned on updating. Really. I had a plan in my head to share some good songs about friendship with you after I'd had the greatest brunch with a group of friends on Sunday. I was going to come here and tell you that my friends make me smile from ear to ear, that my heart could burst from the love I feel for them – but it didn't quite work out that way.

A Friendly Brunch

After my very lovely brunch, I came home with my husband – he had lunch, we sat around and he dozed off. When I woke him up – he was feeling crappy. Crappy escalated pretty quickly into awful and I ended up having to call 911. They decided things weren't quite right, so we got to ride in the ambulance and spend a long, long time in the emergency room dealing with things like ekg's and atrial fibrillation. When scary people with medical degrees say things about your heart – you panic a little, or a lot if you're me. Thankfully, his heart got it's act together and we got to go home.


The wait to see our regular doctor, and my husband's specialist seemed to drag on something awful. But, I'm writing all of these words to say – it's okay. He's okay, we're okay. It's okay, okay?

I know and fully understand that life is not promised to any of us – but in those few moments, I felt like my life changed. Love is too generic for what I feel for this guy – it doesn't even scratch the surface. And I am thankful for every moment we spend together or apart – but I'm SO happy that he's here and he's okay.

And for those of you who knew – thanks for praying and checking on me, I appreciate you more than this tiny little sentence is letting on.