Catching Up

Oh, hey week – thanks for flying by. Of course I've been meaning to update, and kept putting it off – but here I am. Update in hand, or at keystroke – you get the idea.

I hope you had a fantastic Valentine's even if you're not in a relationship. I like the idea of a day dedicated to love. It would be nice if we had more days like that, no? On Sunday I saw a live broadcast of Fela! – the musical about the late Afrobeat singer's life and it was AMAZING.


On Monday, after much elaborate plotting and story-telling – my husband took me to a surprise dinner at Nora's (America's first organic restaurant). It was absolutely a shock and the food was really, really good. It was one of those experiences that you don't have many of in life so I ate adventurously – duck liver pate, caviar – it was beyond most of my culinary experiences and I like to think that I'm a pretty adventurous eater. And you guys? No matter what I say about my husband that's less than flattering (ha!) he is a star. He is so, so good to me and that I'm getting to share my life with someone who makes me smile from the inside out is just….we're lucky and I wanted to acknowledge that.

Valentine's 2011

Today the weather was amaze! I exited my cave and spent time with my friend Bekah, came home and had dinner with friends and now I'm laying on my couch contemplating my next snack. Food is obviously a central theme in my life. The sweetest thing did happen while I was out – as I exited the metro to wait for my friend Bekah, Disney On Ice was ending, so the metro station was teeming with cute people under 3 feet tall. For about 20 minutes – I stood there waiting and smiling like a maniac at all of the kids with their costumes and mickey ears. It was just a really sweet part of my day and I didn't want to forget about it.

Homies!  Train

Sunday I am gathering a large group of friends together for brunch. I'd tell you how amazing they are – but I pretty much do that every other post (but I can't help it – it's true!).

I think that's about the gist of it. Updating will hopefully get better. Hopefully :)