Waste Not

When I was in college, I remember one of the the places to eat was called Mrs. Fields – which was essentially a gigantic salad/soup buffet type deal that, although not groundbreaking, was located close enough to my dorm that it became a frequent haunt. By the salad bar there was this sign, that always made me giggle – "Take all you want, but eat all you take." Naturally, buffets bring out the worst in us – our eyes become far bigger than our stomachs and the amount of waste skyrockets.

One of my goals this year is to waste less. The amount of food that we throw away in our tiny household is staggering. In the past I've been good at planning and re-purposing, but I've let that fall by the wayside and subsequently – my food falls into the trash.

I have a staggering cookbook collection (that was a year ago – it's bigger), and I subscribe to enough cooking magazines and read enough blogs that I should be able to plan better. i bet I've never cooked one meal from about 50% of my cookbooks – which is silly because they're meant to be utilized.

So, in the coming days – I'll try to plan a little better and maybe share some of that process (and the results!) with you. Ideally, I'd like to cook at least 4 (dinner) meals a week at home and cook at least 1 of those recipes from a cookbook or magazine that I own. Wish me luck!