I haven't gone to bed before 3 a.m. in about a week. It's part insomnia, part boredom. Currently, I'm lounging on my couch, listening to the cars on the road and the rain on the trees outside of my window. I briefly contemplated cracking open one of the four books I've started and abandoned, but the internet is far more interesting.

Still, there is something insanely peaceful about being up in the quiet hours when everyone else is asleep. There used to be a time when I really despised being alone, but I've come to appreciate it in a major way. It gives me ample time to focus, think and just be. I think we would all be well served in having more of these moments.

If the weather cooperates, tomorrow I'd like to take a walk to a bookstore that's not too far away and take care of some other little loose ends outside of the confines of my little apartment. If not, pajamas and a yoga dvd it is.