Sunday Share: Have You Heard?

Part of what I really miss about the Sunday Share is posting music from artists that maybe you haven't heard of or aren't on your radar. The true beauty of music is discovering new stuff that makes your ears happy and I hope this week's songs do that for you.

Housekeeping note: You can play the songs right here on the site but if you wish to download, please right-click and save as using the download link.

Adele: Set Fire To The Rain – I hope you've heard of Adele by now. If you haven't, I feel sad for you. This song is from her upcoming album 21 which is so good it ought to be criminal. Her voice is so rich and pure – you're going to fall in love.

Kate Earl: Cry Sometimes – I've been told that the key to "staying young" is hanging with young people. I'm going to be forever young y'all – I'm telling you. One of my in-laws is in college and she's always saying to me "Have you heard of…?" The answer is almost always no, and sometimes I'm glad, and then sometimes we get a jewel like this one that I can't wait to share with you.

Tracy Bonham: You're My Is-ness – One of the tragedies of having a super mega popular song, is that it's unlikely that it will happen again. You might remember Bonham as the singer of Mother, Mother, which is still a great damn song but her opus is so much more profound than that. Case in point.