Inclement Weather

Don't worry, this hasn't just turned into a linkblog (but, how fun would that be?). Yesterday I was a gigantic ball of hormones who cried at everything. Seriously – my poor husband who was at home sick was practically avoiding me because every time he looked at me I wept.

Thankfully, today is a new day. One which I live to complain about something else. Namely, the weather. I love winter fashion, but I loathe winter weather. Right now, I'm waiting for my husband to pick me up from work. It's basically 6pm and I've been done since 4. That's how long it's taken him to make a 30 minute drive. Sigh.

I did have the smarts to go to the grocery store before coming in to work, but of course I forgot some things so I'll brave the crowds before becoming a weather shut-in. I hope if you're in this area that you are safe and warm.


I hate snow! I hate snow! I hate snow! I hate snow! I hate snow! I hate snow! I hate snow! I hate snow! I hate snow! I hate snow! I hate snow! I hate snow! I hate snow! I hate snow! I hate snow!

p.p.s (edit 9:40pm)<br />
It took my husband 2.5 hours to get to me, 2 hours to get back. Here are some photos of the travails.<br />
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