Early In The Morning

My body is so off-kilter right now, it's not quite sure when it's supposed to sleep, eat or do anything in-between, which means that right now I am wide awake with nothing to do. So, I flipped through a copy of Rachel Ray's magazine (it's actually really good) and bookmarked some meals I want to make soon and when I overheard a song on tv, it spurred me (along with the asking/kindness of awkwardlysocial) to do a music post which I have not done in pretty much forever.

If you've not been reading me for any length of time you won't know that I used to regularly post music for you to download (it even had a name – The Sunday Share). Sometimes old, sometimes popular – it really just depended on whatever struck my fancy and today is no different. Here are three songs that have recently appeared in commercials, so that means you've probably heard them at some point or a thousand times. If you're downloading, please right-click and save as. Songs typically are taken down after 7 days. Enjoy.

Bibio – Lover's Carvings : This commercial REALLY makes me want a kindle (download)

Melanie: Brand New Key – Hat tip to Kristal for telling me who sang this ;) (download)

Plain White T's – Rhythm Of Love – This is actually the song that caught my ear this morning from another room, a little googling and here ya go. (download)