Bookmarks for January 25th

food i want to eat (WE LOVE YOU KALE!)
Ha ha, julio – this is totally for you.

Gown2Go Designer Maternity Hospital Gown LOVE by maternalNEST
THESE ARE SO CUTE. I can barely wait to be pregnant to wear one.

the most useful grammar post ever | Sarah Wilson
This is super helpful, but the grammar police thing is starting to wear a wee bit thin. We can't all be editors. Via

Esther Horchner Illustrator
Click toegepast on the left and look at those mugs. SQUEE!

Guest Post :: Quick Cookin' with Shutterbean Mexican Stir Fry – Modern Kiddo
Julio, this is right up your alley.

NUTS about NUTS! (Roundup) › shutterbean
Things to put on your yogurt, or in your mouth. Or both. ha!

Make your own freezer burritos! › shutterbean
Did I link to this before? If I didn't – I should have.

The Easiest Cookies Ever. So Easy, They Aren’t Even Cookies. (But They Are Excellent.) | Blog con Queso
These would probably be great to take to a party. – News : More troops lost to suicide
For the second year in a row, the U.S. military has lost more troops to suicide than it has to combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. TOTALLY FUCKING DISCONCERTING!

The United States of Shame (CHART) |
This thing is insane. Find your shame, or err, your state.

It's All About The Apps
Great apps for you iphone/ipod. Via

The Boyce Blog: Mother Jailed For Sending Kids to Wrong School District
How about I did this when I was in high school to go to a better school.