New Year ‘ s Eve ‘ s Eve

I feel like since I did reverb, I pretty much already told the story of my year, but I didn't.

This year, all things considered was pretty okay. Could have been better, but wasn't tragic either. I still feel really optimistic about 2011 for some reason, as if something big is on the loom – I pray that said feeling is right and true.

In 2010 I – went to California for the first time, spent a lot of time with my in-laws, was snowed in (SNOWMAGEDDON 2010!), passed out from a back spasm and went to the hospital in an ambulance, took a lot of photos, cooked a bit less than the previous year, chaperoned a house full of teenagers for a birthday party and spent a lot of time shopping.

I lost some friends, I made some friends, I realized a lot of things about friendships and about myself. I guess, now that I'm looking at it – it wasn't that crazy.

I'm hoping in 2011 that my husband and I will (literally) get busy on this baby making thing and I can talk about something other than myself (although this will never be a blog dedicated strictly to that). Already, there are lots of good things in the horizon – a wedding of two people I adore SO much, putting my passport to work with some international travel and God only knows what else.

Chances are slim that I'll actually update again in 2010, so I'll see you on the other side. Have a safe & happy New Year – thanks again for reading, commenting, emailing etc. You guys make my heart swell with love.