So, I made it back for one last post in 2010. I can't even believe this year is over – it blows my mind the rate at which the universe whips by us, blink and you'll miss it style.

I know lots of folks don't do resolutions, but I kind of like them. Even if they're made to be broken or whatever – maybe, just maybe – putting some inertia behind them is better than nothing.

2011 Resolutions

More: Exercise, reading, cooking, kindness, charity, taking risks, travel

Less: Fear, Starbucks, doing things I don't want to, gossip, internet (gasp!)

Be safe tonight (and every other day, of course). It goes without saying (but I was reminded by the lovely Dean of that drinking and driving is dumb and that nothing worthwhile can come from it, so don't do it. Call a cab, sleep over, plan accordingly. Have fun, (for real, this time) see you in 2011!