I always grumble in the days leading up to Christmas because frankly, I prefer Thanksgiving – it's Christmas without me having to spend money. And I get to eat all the stuffing in the whole wide world, so I think that's pretty much a win.

Still, for all of my Christmas curmudgeonry, I really had a great holiday and I hope that you did too. I got great presents and I got to spend time with my family who make me smile even when they give me rage.

Home was a whirlwind, but we packed it in and came home last night and cleaned our hovel of an apartment and just vegetated. I'm ready for 2011. I just feel really good about the coming year and I hope that feeling stays with me.

And, in case we aren't following each other on twitter and you missed my apology – if you sent me a Christmas card and I failed to acknowledge it – I'm really sorry. I got them and I loved them & I've stuck them away for a scrapbook. Thank you!

Christmas Love  My Beloved