I really did mean to update yesterday. I told myself 10 times to do it in the early part of the day because I wasn't going to have real internet access and would most likely be in a persistent state of catatonia due to gross consumption of carbohydrates.

Then, I thought I could eek something out towards the end of the day but my husband made me go to Wal-Mart – where dreams go to die. About two seconds in I was already acting a little bit stank and telling my husband let's go. I mean – I watch a lot of tv at home, but I'm happy watching it on my gigantic non flat-screen tv and once he started talking about pixels and refresh rates – my eyes glazed over and I was checked out.

Seriously, people were there at 11pm acting ridiculously insane and there was security and barricades in the front of the store. Security y'all. I mean, is that $198 laptop really gonna change your life that much? Maybe, but doubtful. Just sayin'. I accidentally leaned on this lady's cart and she real quiet-like pulled that shit away from me & when I looked over to see why said cart was moving she started to laugh & made a joke about how she was saying to herself, she was hoping that I knew this wasn't my cart. I gave her a weak smile back and suppressed the urge to mock her for being there 6 hours early to buy a desktop pc.

Having said all of that – I'm thankful for lots & lots. I'm thankful for family and friends near and far. I'm thankful for technology for allowing me to share my life with you. I'm thankful for having food and shelter. I'm thankful for my job. I could really go on and on – but I think you get the picture. I hope you had a good holiday & if you're not into this kind of thing – I hope you had a good Thursday.