Quick Fast

I feel like Mercury must be in retrograde because electronics around me seem to be on the fritz. First a computer at work died, then my ipod touch and now my laptop needs to be sent off for repair for a loose charge port. The silver lining to all of this is that I didn't pay for my work computer and I have two. My ipod touch was a gift, and the laptop is still under warranty – so, I'm keeping it all in perspective.

Today, I was as productive as I possibly could be. I finally put away all of the clean laundry that had been languishing in various baskets in my bedroom and dead the horribly awful task of matching up socks. I talked to my Mom and my sister briefly and planned our Christmas menu. I made quiche for lunch and bbq chicken for dinner – later I'm treating myself to Nestle's finest pre-made chocolate chip cookies.

Somewhere in there, I wrangled a nap and a bit of reading and tv watching- so all in all, a pretty good Sunday.