It Happened On A Tuesday

Is there ever any good way to say that someone has died? Nope. Didn't think so. I wrote about my aunt some time ago, and in that time things pretty much stayed the same. Same, being mostly awful.

So, unexpectedly and in a very quiet fashion – she died. Death always causes a pause and often it knocks you down and makes you catch your breath. Maybe because we're stupid enough to believe that the people we love can live forever or maybe it's just the finality of it. Death is so…permanent.

Inevitably someone will tell you to try to find solace in your memories but memories aren't the same. In fact, when you're dealing with death – they kind of fucking suck because they only serve to remind you that someone you loved is gone and not coming back.

I'm okay. It's okay. I know you're already thinking warm and kind thoughts and I appreciate them even before you've placed your fingers onto the home row of your keyboard to start typing. Plus, no one ever really knows what to say when someone dies, least of all me. So, if you're thinking something kind – thanks – nothing else is needed.