I tweeted this morning that as much as I wish the circumstances were different, that I'm glad to go home and see my family. My immediate plans are to get there, go to Captain D's and then go and hug my Mama. At some point after the funeral, I want to try to see my goddaughter and friend before making the trip back home. It's going to be kind of a whirlwind, but that's okay – it is what it is.

Something about the imminence of a funeral makes you take stock. Life is both long and short. Long, in that if we are one of the lucky ones – we get this chance to live out our lives in a full & happy way for lots and lots of days. Short – because you mostly never know when the end is nigh. I feel as if my Aunt's death should be the catalyst for me to just take a look around at some things and re-evaluate – hopefully, there's plenty more living to do.