First World Problems

First world problems are the kinds of issues that you generally don't complain about. They are the problems of the people who have. It's not necessarily an affluence thing, but it speaks to a bit of entitlement.

If you follow me on twitter (and why wouldn't you?), you've probably seen me mention some of my #firstworldproblems. Starbucks out of caramel? #firstworldproblem. Found the perfect Coach bag but it's not in your color? #firstworldproblem. Really wanna eat Thai, but there's a 30 minute wait? #firstworldproblem

Part of my acknowledging of said first world problems is for humor's sake, but it's also to keep myself in perspective. To remind myself that no matter what kind of problems I think I have, there are plenty of folks who would trade places with me in an instant.

Also, I would be foolish not to acknowledge that it is Veteran's Day. No matter where your politics lie, that people are willing to lay down their lives every day so that people like me don't have to? Well, that deserves a tip of my hat and a few paltry words. Thanks!