A Random List Of Thoughts

– I am totally going to teach myself to crochet soon.

– I am doing a coding project too massive to even think about. It makes my life sad.

– I kind of want to paint my nails white. I saw Kim Kardashian do it, naturally I have to do it too.

– I want to try a juice fast. Every time I type/say that – it seems stupider.

– I have about 57 emails to return

– When you guys leave me comments, I always smile at them. ALWAYS. This is not me begging for said comments. I just want to acknowledge the handful of people who do because sometimes I don't get back to them in a timely fashion (read: ever). THANKS for still caring enough to write.

– I love Rihanna's new song Only Girl In The World. A song I'm pretty sure I said I hated but reserved the right to grow to like. See – I know myself.

– I need to stop and get a bottle of wine for W(h)ine Wednesdays.