On Coping

I have 3 pretty general way in which I cope with things, an acronym I call (in my head), M.A.D., which stands for minimize, avoid, deflect. I'm admitting this to you because it's ridiculous and I'm trying to stop doing it. Also, not dealing with things does not make them disappear no matter how much you wish that it would. The avoider in me does not cope well with large amounts of stress and often my body goes into full-on shut down mode where my only method of dealing is to sleep in order to eschew all things problem-related.

The minimizer in me is always trying to convince people that said problems are fleeting and not that big of a deal. Typically, this style goes hand in hand with the deflect strategy – in a enough about me, more about you way. My therapist warned me about this. A lot.

So, this is me saying that from this moment, I'm making an effort to do better. To look my problems in the eye and deal. Remind me I wrote this next week, will ya?