Hit & Miss

I totally forgot to update on Friday. My boss is off from work for an extended period of time which is allowing me to work daytime hours, which is a nice change of pace but my workload has been insanity. In fact, I was sitting in bed, watching Project Runway and surfing fashion blogs when I realized what time it was and that I hadn't updated today. I always say that I need to update first thing in the morning and yet…

I've been spending my evening free time with my friends and my word I have missed them. I had two dinner dates, happy hour/night out and a shopping date last week and this week is looking to be just as fun. I forget all of the things that I miss because I'm working when everyone else is playing.

It's been nice to catch up and I'm hoping to do that with a few more folks before my time runs out – striking that balance of work/play/rest is can be so difficult, but I'm learning. I think.