You guys can we talk about politics for a hot second? I try to stay away from hot button issues because frankly, I think you would much rather read about the minutia of my life than to hear about my views on politics but I can't help myself.

Sometimes, I stop dead in my tracks and think how lucky I am to live in this country. How incredibly blessed we all are to be here chasing whatever the American dream means to us. We are afforded so many opportunities and luxuries that it hardly even seems fair given the amount of unquantifiable suffering that goes on in other countries. When I clean out my fridge, I get disgusted at myself for the food I'm throwing away when I know so many people starve. Though my apartment is not luxurious by any stretch, I get to come home to it every day and it's a safe and (mostly) happy place.

I watch and read about what's going on in this great country and it makes me so sad. Sadder than I like to even admit really. Sad because we allow political opinion to divide us as a people. We allow ourselves to become victims of party groupthink and we yell and attack instead of trying to rally and figure out how we're going to put back together the pieces of this jigsaw puzzle.

Here's a secret – I wish Obama hadn't run and won for President yet. Major emphasis on the yet. While I still feel that there is time for change, I worry that the mess we can't get out of will become the miss he couldn't fix and will mar the legacy of someone who I fundamentally believe wants good for you, for me and for everyone else. Accomplishing said good is often easier said than done, no matter if the president is wearing a blue or a red tie.

Being the leader of the free world is a job I don't relish. Everyone wants something from you right now, not even right now – yesterday. I can hurl a bunch of words at you – Rome wasn't built in a day, he can't walk on water – but you already know that. I hope.