A Soggy List

– I decided today that since it's going to rain the rest of the week, I see no need to do my hair since rain is my hair's kryptonite.

– Are you guys watching Lonestar? It's early, but I kind of think it's going to be brilliant.

– I am so glad that they moved Big Bang Theory to a different night so I can watch it now. The nerd in me cracks up so much while watching.

– I always talk about how much I LOVE Cougar Town, this season's first episode? Totally unfunny. So if you just started watching, let's both give it another episode or five before we write it off, okay?

– Jennifer Lopez as one of the new judge's on American Idol? I will watch at least the first five minutes JUST to see what she's wearing.

– Tell me something good that you're listening to, I feel like I'm behind on music. And life.

This update bought to you by my frazzled mind.