Worth The Effort

I recently saw Eat, Pray, Love against my better sensibilities because I was being a good friend and sometimes being a good friend means taking one for the friend team. Despite being far too long, it was really charming and has the distinction of being the first movie that I enjoyed more than the book (which I found to be self-indulgent and dry in many parts).

While I was watching, there was this part about balancing acts. I know it was good because I took out my phone and emailed myself a note to write about it. Too bad that was so long ago, I can't remember the context in which it was talked about – but I do vaguely remember what I wanted to say about it.

Life is this crazy balancing act – we're all that guy at the circus who's carrying a stack of precariously leaning teacups in both hands and a bowl of water with a cute little goldfish inside on his head all while riding a unicycle. We're all trying to sort out the things that need to get done amidst the things that we want to do and it can be so difficult to manage – if that's the choice we make.

Relationships, romantic or otherwise, are something I feel like I talk about a lot here – and that's because they are important to me. I value my relationships and I recognize the need to put effort into making them work. Unfortunately, that sentiment does not always get reciprocated. You have to draw lines and be truthful about whether or not something is fruitful enough to keep putting time and energy into. Sad, but true.

If something is valuable to you – you make an effort to nurture it. This goes for pretty much everything. You value your teeth? You brush them and (occasionally) floss. You value your life? You won't text while driving (ha ha – hidden PSA).  What I'm saying is that ultimately you have to make an effort with the things that are important to you and if you choose not to do that – you are showing just how unimportant something actually is to you. Make sense? I hope so.