The Sweetest Thing

My husband had a really tough week last week. One of those weeks in which my best line of defense is to just stay out of his way and smile a lot. I like to say that he's manstruating. Yeah, I went there.

By week's end, it was getting to be just slightly ridiculous – almost to the point of humor. Almost.  On Friday, one of his closest friends called me, I assumed in want of something. But, he was only calling to ask me everything was okay, because we've both seen my husband this grumpy, but this was slightly out of control.

We giggled our way through stories about his vitriol and then got off the phone. And I am going to be honest and tell you guys that I cried. I cried at the idea that someone loves my husband so much that they would call his wife to make sure that his bad week was just a bad week and that there were no underlying issues that might require addressing, you know – like, an intervention.  Friends come and go, but sometimes you get a really good one, one that becomes less like a friend, and more like family and the idea that my husband has those kinds of friends, it made my heart melt.

Who's manstruating, now?