Not Today

I keep thinking that I'm one day ahead. Yesterday, I was convinced it was Tuesday and today – I keep believing it's Wednesday. When will this madness end?

I spent the day in my version of pajamas – t-shirt and undies. And finally about an hour ago, I made myself leave the house to run a few quick errands and was going to reward myself by having Starbucks, only my Starbucks was closed for some kind of ceiling repair. WOE IS ME!

My Mom texted me today that she is having an MRI tomorrow. I immediately called her back to let her know that texting me that kind of information was unacceptable and would not be tolerated. I'm all about being succinct in communication, but damn – I think an MRI merits a phone call. Sometimes the student becomes the teacher.   Its a precautionary measure and I'm not fretting about, but if you want to send some positive energy into the universe, that would be awfully kind of you.