Not Going To Feel Guilty About This

I am seriously over being apologetic about liking certain kinds of music. That is not to say that there are some artists' with whom I am not retaining the right to unabashedly make fun (I'm looking at you Justin Beiber), but my love for pop music – it is deep and abiding.

I was reticent to listen to anything from Ke$ha for a few  reasons – 1. Adults shouldn't paint their faces unless they're wrestling, and even then – that remains questionable. 2. Tik Tok is horrible, wretched song. And 3. She spells her name with a dollar symbol, and that just overwhelms me with rage and angst. Even after someone tried to convince me that I would like it, I resisted because… because that's just how I roll.

I finally gave in after hearing Take It Off randomly one morning and I was a little surprised at how much of the actual album I liked. Here are two of my favorite songs, you're going to like them – I promise.

Please right-click and save as or God will kill some cute baby animal. (true facts)

Ke$ha – Backstabber

Ke$ha – Take It Off