Big Plans

My husband is away for the evening and that means that I can do whatever I want without regard for anyone else's desires or feelings…aka freedom. I love the guy and I miss him when he's gone, but a little alone time is exactly what I needed. Right now, I'm lying on my couch sans pants and watching dvr'ed epsiodes of Lie To Me.

I just finished eating a bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream which was preceded by a glass of Coke. After I brush the high fructose corn syrup off of my teeth, I'm going to thumb through the new Ikea catalog and maybe put some clean sheets on my bed that I will be sleeping alone in tonight. Sidenote: burglars and weirdos need not apply – I will kick your ass, or call 911 in a rapid fashion. You choose.

If i get hungry later I have a choice between chicken nuggets or pizza. Neither of which I will be making from scratch even though I am capable of doing so.

In the morning, after I wake up without the aid of an alarm clock, I'm going to take the laptop and walk to Starbucks where I will surf the interet looking for something to cook for dinner whilst people watching and sipping my venti skim caramel macchiato. I will then march myself to the grocery store next door and buy dinner ingredients as well as a can of black beans and some corn tortillas and come home and make myself huevos rancheros. I think a mid-day nap forecast seems apropos. Somewhere in there, I have a bit of work to do which should take no longer than an hour but mostly the day is going to be liberally lazy. I can't wait.