Big Bang Theory: Tales of Committment

Today was a very big day for me y'all. I gave myself bangs (not cut, I'm not (totally) insane) and I made rice on the stovetop that didn't come in a bag.

Obviously, I am joking (mostly) about the significance of these events – but they were probably the most interesting things to happen to me all day. Let's talk about my bangs. They are a big deal because bangs are something I often admire on other people but see them on myself and immediately think – no. Today, I committed to it – and besides it being ninety degrees fahrenheit, I survived the day and I'm rethinking my stance.

Now, most of you know how much I cook and how much I love to do so. But a little known fact is that I have never been able to cook a pot of rice from scratch that was actually edible. I religiously use a rice cooker because it allows me to not fret about what I'm doing and it never messes up my dinner. But today, I committed  and my rice? Delicious.  I won't be throwing away my rice cooker or anything insane – but I will definitely cook rice on the stovetop again. It's the small things.

Bang Bang Homemade Rice-A-Roni