5 Lifetime Supply Contests I Need To Win

Concept stolen from Lindsay (one of my very favorite tumblr blogs)

1.  I have to agree with Lindsay and go with the Hanes Classic A-shirt aka the wife beater.  I know calling them wife beaters is trashy, but that's what they are in my mind.  They are perfect in so many ways. Perfect under cardigans or itchy sweaters. Perfect for hot summer nights. PERFECT.

2.  Luna Nutz Over Chocolate protein bars. The rest of their protein bars are totally meh to me – but this one? Better than a snickers to me.

3.  Starbucks Caramel Macchiato – Iced or extra hot. Everything else is a mockery to my mouth.

4.  Tweezerman Point Tweezers – I mostly get my eyebrows threaded these days, but good grief – for those in between times or for an errant hair? These are the holy grail of tweezers.

5.  Cutex Nail Remover Pads – I paint my nails like a maniac and these are magical. They make taking off nail polish a snap.