An Apology And A List

First, if you read me via an rss feed I am so sorry. I've been tinkering with things a lot lately which is causing my feed to routinely barf and display entries you've already seen. This is probably going to happen once more today, but should be remedied thereafter.

One thing that my quest to post daily has taught me is that in order to really focus on writing – I need to par down everything else. So, thanks to my delicious friend Mel (and the troubleshooter-rific Zal) this site is being powered by typepad. Easy, peasy. 

And here is a list of things I am way into these days:

– Lace. I bought a cute lace tank top at New York & Co the other day only to have my friend find one just like it at Target. BOO!

– Top Chef DC. I just can not even fathom where they find some of these people. I cook better than some of them. Not all, but some.

– Twitter. Let's be friends?

– Scrabble on facebook