A Masterpiece, A Work Of Art

In My Likness.

Let's talk about my painting for a moment, shall we? A few months ago, I commissioned a painting from an artist that I stumbled upon while surfing. Partially because I thought the artist was so cute (he is!), but overwhelmingly because I like the idea of owning original art and this is my attempt at capturing my (basically already gone) youth.

I do recognize the vanity in having a gigantic painting of myself (and several people have loudly told me how vain it is), and we plan on getting one of my husband done as well because I'm into myself, but not that into myself. Deciding which image of myself to have immortalized on canvas really wasn't that difficult. I picked a few photos but knew from Brandon's style that he would choose this image, which happens to be one of my favorites. You can read his thoughts here.

It was a great experience though, and if you are interested in art please contact Brandon – he is beyond amazing and kind.