Days Gone By

I only saw my husband for about an hour today (technically, I guess that would be yesterday). I missed him. Yesterday, I spent the day with family, kissing babies, eating and eating and oh, eating. I bought a really adorable dress to wear to an upcoming graduation party and generally tried to avoid the great outdoors as it was a million degrees on Sunday. I was off from work today (Monday), and I needed that in the absolute worst way. I love having Mondays off, they make the week seem so short. Today, I was a hobo. A happy hobo. A happy hobo with nothing to do. This is the stuff that Mondays should be made of.

Alena's Christening  Alena's Christening

Saturday night, I played drunk hangman with my friend Francesca at a bar in D.C. – I had this bizarre moment where I thought to myself, how much longer is it going to be before I officially stop saying that I'm "going out", because being in the city makes me feel so old.