According to the 1990 Census, I have the 2302nd most popular name in the United States. I'm thirty-something, married and I love to laugh. I'm a capable cook, pretty good speller and I like to win at games (TRY and beat me at Taboo, I dare you!).

I love carbs, reading and painting my nails. I am prone to hopeless crushes and I give good hugs. I've been writing about my life online for over a decade. What you see here is what hasn't been archived/deleted/forgotten.  It is in no way intended to show you every facet of my life, but I hope that it's a pretty fair representation.  I don't take myself all that seriously, and you probably shouldn't either.



About girlwonderful.com

I've owned a lot of domains in my day but this one just might be my very favorite. Purchased in March 2010, girlwonderful is part nickname and part tongue-in-cheek, it is totally awesome. I think. The whole shebang is powered by typepad and l?ve