A Random Compilation Of Thoughts From My Brain

I am sitting at my desk contemplating making up my bed. You should know that about me – I'm not the kind of person who makes up their bed everyday. I admire people who do because it instantly makes the room look neater and a bed looks so inviting once it's made up, but making it up seems to be too much work for the payoff most of the time. Maybe I'll set myself a goal to make it up every day this week. Maybe.

The sunlight is dancing on my mini-blinds and I'm tempted to pull back the curtains and let the sun shine in, but that would require me putting on pants.

I am thinking about what I'm going to wear today. I was thinking maybe a dress, but I kind of want to wear a ridiculous scarf and none of my scarves match the dress that's on my mind.

A twitter friend (@rushay) shared this song with me yesterday and I'm passing it on to you because I love you and it's a great song for a Monday. Goldfish: This Is How It Goes – download over here.

I am listening to the new Christina Aguilera album (Bionic). I want to love it, but I'm not there yet. There are some really great moments (Woohoo, Sex For Breakfast, You Lost Me), and maybe it's just my own inability to evolve – but I'm having a bit of a hard time digesting her artist evolution.

Have a good day.