Fix You

The Husband

I always say that marriage is difficult. I say that not to portend, but because it's so true. When people ask me about my marriage, the only real and sound piece of advice (if I could even call it advice) I give, is to tell people that I try to never make my husband guess what I'm feeling.

I try to always be very clear about the things that I'm feeling and articulate them in a way that he can understand. I think I do a pretty decent job at this, but sometimes I fail miserably and things explode in a spectacular way.

Learning to let the small things go and not take them as an affront to my marriage can be trying. You would think I would know better than this seven years in, but I don't.  Or, I am too stubborn, ridiculous, stupid to recognize that the small stuff is just that, small. So here I am, writing this down as a personal commitment to not fret over the small stuff because it just ain't worth it.