I Just Wanna Be Happy

Today on my commute to work, Gloria Estefan's I Just Wanna Be Happy came up in my mp3 player shuffle and I felt my whole mood brighten instantly which was much needed because the day is damp and gray.

I am pretty sure I need to stop drinking caffeine after 3pm because my ability to go to sleep is being greatly affected. Also, Coke = addictive.

I've decided that I love flying. Everything about it is so amazing to me and every time I'm on a plane and it takes out, it makes me get this stupid ridiculous smile on my face. On a recent flight, my husband and I sat next to an older gentleman who I'd seen in the airport with a relative (maybe his daughter) prior to takeoff. He read most of the flight and he was so cute with his foil-wrapped sandwhich and pepperidge farm cookies all in a little container with an ice pack for the flight.

I would also like to say a huge thank you to Jetblue and Enterprise who were amazing. It's so easy to only write about the negative things that we experience, that I wanted to make sure to write these things online. Jetblue = flying in comfort even if you're traveling on a budget and (most importantly) – good snacks. Enterprise = premium customer service, so high-five to the Enterprise fellas at Oakland Airport, you guys made me smile.