Great Expectations

One of my very favorite quotes, and one I suspect I've shared here before, is "Blessed are those who expect nothing, for they are never disappointed."  It's an incredible mantra to try to live by if you can do it, but I'm coming to find that it's almost impossible to live by.

We have expectations every second of the day. And I don't want to become so misanthropic as to never expect anything from anyone. That said, sometimes I think my expectations bar is set far too high and so I maybe need to reassess things so that I'm not getting my feelings hurt.

I know that I'm tough and that I can handle much of what comes my way, but that doesn't mean I'm made of stone and that I don't get sad when I expect something of someone and it fails in a spectacular way.

It's so funny to think that I'm still learning these things in my thirties. I hope that's a good thing?