Here is a random and discombobulated list of things I am into lately:

(blatantly aped from La Stoli)

– Jewelry. Specifically, costume jewelry in all it's size and shininess.

– Stripes – always horizontal, colors inconsequential.

– Ruffles – does anything scream girl more than ruffles?

– Ebay – I can not stand waiting for auctions, but buy it now is my very best friend.

– Nail polish – I love, love, love painting my nails. The brighter, the better.

– Twitter – it's like internet tapas: little bite-sized morsels from my life. Some funny, most of them…well, not :)

– Grilling – I bought a mini charcoal grill yesterday even though I can't keep it at my apartment. The food that was made on it? TOTALLY worth it.

– Sunshine. Lots and lots of sunshine