How To Be A Good Friend

I was thinking this morning about what makes someone a good friend. Totally random, I know. I always talk here about how amazeballs (yeah, I just wrote that and you like it) my friends are and it's so true. That is certainly not to say that all of my relationships are balanced and perfect, they are not. I feel like I've learned over time that every once in a while, friendships need recalibrating. You need to step back, re-evaluate and see if what you're getting out of them is equivalent to your investment which is an incredibly difficult thing to do

I'm at this point in my life wherein I've made a decision to not overextend myself, which is a really hard thing to articulate and even harder to actualize because I like to nurture and I don't like to disappoint people. These are things learned in therapy and it took me a long time to actually swallow and digest them because WAH – I'm a big baby. I can't imagine my life without the friends that I have, but that doesn't mean that I believe that all of them are going to be around forever because quite simply – our priorities won't always be the same and that's okay. Being a good friend to somebody requires some work – it's not unlike any other kind of relationship. You can't push it to the side and hope that when you get ready to come back to it – that it's going to be the same. You have to nourish for it to flourish (woo! unintentional rhyming).

In writing all of this, it makes me wonder what kind of friend my everyday friends think that I am. Hopefully they think that I'm as amazeballs as I think that they are. I recognize in my own self-evaluation that there are things I could do better in all of my friendships and I'm making a conscious effort to do them for me and because the people I love deserve that.