And Hello

I've written about 10 entries in my head over the last week and yet, haven't managed to actually write any of them out. I saw this really neat five year journal at a bookstore the other day. It was space for one line of writing and it was to be kept for five years. I resisted the urge to buy it because if you knew how many journals/notebooks I owned you would report me to one of those hoarder shows. But, I thought it was kind of a brilliant idea and I just had this quick thought that it shouldn't be too hard to write at least one line a day. A list, a thought…something. That was on Sunday and since it's Tuesday, I've obviously not put this plan into action – but we'll see.

My boss is away and I was so excited to be able to leave work when the rest of the world does and have the opportunity to go to a happy hour or ten but of course I got sick and have spent the last ten days incessantly blowing my nose and trying to find the perfect cocktails of medication to survive.

I did manage to do a few things I wanted to do, and spent time with friends. Last week I saw the Herblock exhibit at the Library of Congress with my dear friend Emily (which you should DEFINITELY go see if you get the opportunity) and after, Emily cooked a Moroccan chicken dish that would make you smack your Mom in the mouth. True story. Friday I shopped a little with my friend Francesca, she is a heavyweight shopper and I love that about her. Saturday I helped re-decorate an office – which means I painted like an old slave and then managed to clean up a smidge to catch the end of a high-school talent show. Sunday I hung out with my friend Brandon, shopped a little, ate a little, giggled a lot. So I guess my life hasn't been a total wash.

I'm wishing spring would get her quickly because I am so tired of being cold. I want to worship the sun in the worst way and put away all my sweaters. Plus, warm weather will give me a reason to shave my legs again since I basically haven't all winter. It's okay, you can judge me – I don't care :)