Do you remember what it was like to be eighteen? Utterly invincible, completely untouchable? I remember thinking that where I am now seemed so far away. Thirties? Pssh! I'm living in the moment. Still, it's nice to see someone coming into their own. Appreciating the small moments and holding onto youth as tightly as we can.

Lauding Lily

Last night we celebrated my cousin-in-law's 18th birthday. I could tell you how together , how smart, how focused she is – I mean, I really could go on and on but I think in time, she's going to show the entire world that. No pressure though!

To my lovely Lily, don't forget any of these moments! Your whole life is about to change as you start this new chapter and we are behind you every, single step of the way. Love doesn't seem big enough for what I feel for you and I'm so happy to have been able to watch you grow up right before my eyes. I know that there is so much more in store and I can't wait for you to take it all in. Please know that no matter what, I'm going to be here for you. Never more than 10 digits or a few keystrokes away. Don't forget where you came from and keep your eyes set on where you're going. Ewedishalehu!