On Baking

This year I am learning. Big things, small things – I'm a sponge. I consider myself a pretty capable cook, not stellar (my new favorite word), but definitely capable. I've never been big on baking – primarily because it involves a level of preciseness that I don't care about. In cooking, I can fix my mistakes by adding or taking away. When baking, I lose most of the ability to do that. Long story made short – baking scares me. So, in my new learning frame of mind – I have decided that I am going to learn to be a better baker. I'm not trying to be Sara Lee, but I could maybe shoot for Betty Crocker?

This morning, I made a loaf of bread. It was bad. Too hard on the top, not done enough in the middle. I can pinpoint one or two things that caused me to go horribly awry, so I'll try again another day when everything is exactly as it needs to be. I'm determined that a loaf of bread is NOT going to be getting the best of me and to strengthen my baking confidence, I made muffins. Easy enough – but I can't lie to you and say that as the batter was coming together I thought it was not going to end well and thusly, I would have ended my run as Betty Jr., but things worked out. You can find the recipe here.  Baby steps y'all, baby steps.

Lemon Poppyseed Muffins