Best Kept Secrets

Secrets are fun, right? They're like little jewels hidden away in your heart and mind to be uncovered when the time is right. I'd like to think that I'm pretty good at keeping secrets, but that's probably not totally true which is why I keep a paper journal (secrets = told). But we're all friends here so here are some of my best kept internet secrets, share one (or twenty) of yours?

Fone Culture – People ALWAYS ask me how I discover new music and the truth is, much of it is purely accidental. A click here and a click there and I'm listening to things that are blowing my mind. Fone Culture is a blog that gets music right. It's not pretentiousness and hyperbole, it's just music that will blow your mind. True story. – Basically, if I had the ability to be funnier (I don't) I would say all of the things that Kia says. The first time I stumbled across her blog, I sat for hours reading through the archives and giggling aloud, dare you to try to not laugh.

100 Layer Cake – Here's a secret about me – I LOVE weddings. The pomp and circumstance, the flowers, the cake, the tears. LOVE THEM. And while I totally do not regret not having had a traditional ceremony, I still love to read about other people's weddings and 100 Layer Cake indulges that love for me.