Sunday Share: If You Ask Me, I'm Ready

Rules: Right-click and save as to desired location. Songs expire in 7 days (or sooner). Enjoy!

Alicia Keys: Unthinkable (I'm Ready) – This song? I could cry. I'm a sucker for moments of vulnerability in a good love song, this fits that mold. And Keys sounds really good on it. REALLY. GOOD.

Michael Buble: At This Moment – Listen. I love myself loving this Buble song because it is so romantic and perfect and heartbreaking all at once. And if you haven't seen this dance from So You Think You Can Dance, it will make you love the song all the more – magical.

Noisettes: Atticus – It's pretty likely that you've never heard of the NOisettes, but it also stands to reason that you will hear more and more about them as this year progresses. The way this song ebbs and flows, the instrumentation – everything. Perfection.