History Repeating

DoughnutzIf this blog had a theme (it doesn't) it would be I love my friends and food. But my friends before food (mostly). I don't love them because they get me gifts (they do), or because they're smart (they are) – but I love them because they are all around fantastic people. A group of people with talents that never cease to amaze me. Like that apron I'm wearing in the photo. My friend Torrence made that. From love. With her hands. It is so horribly adorable and superior to the FAR inferior one I purchased her for an all too late Christmas gift. My friends? Amazing on too many levels to even begin to name. I am so blessed in this. It also makes me wish that I were crafty (I'm not) on some level. I can't even draw a straight line with a ruler – but I feel like with friends like these, who needs rulers?