For Old Time's Sake

Social media is amazing and disturbing all at once. I admit to occasionally checking up on people over the various networks which, from time to time, can lead to an obsession with finding out more about someone you've lost contact with, or someone you broke up with etc.

A couple of weeks ago, after "checkup up" on someone I used to call a dear friend – and it made me more than a wee bit nostalgic and so, in a moment of sheer and total emotional weakness – I sent that person an email. Nothing too tragic, wishing them well, and setting the expectations bar at an all time low.  I recognize that what we've endured together and apart all these years has been gargantuan and sometimes we just have to let things die.

So, no real surprise that my email has gone unanswered. I made myself send it and then forget it, knowing that otherwise I would make myself (even more) batshit crazy. Still, I would be lying if I said that some small part of me wasn't hoping for a different result. But the new and improved, older me – knows that sometimes it's just not meant to be and I need to be okay with that.